Use information from an input field for a later confirmation page

Hey people!

I have a form page where the user will enter some data and would like to know if I can make a second confirmation page using what was informed in one of the fields on this confirmation page. Example:
Congratulations, you has just successfully entered the data of the company XXXX (this XXXX will be the data that the user has just entered).


In the On Submit action for the form, select Show New Screen —> this item. Then configure the screen with the data you want to display.


Hey Robert, thanks for your answer! I am doing what you told me, but nothing is happening… Should I put some specific “Target”? I am putting the “current” option on the target

I don’t think that makes a difference, it’s just changing the “layout” of the tab you’re leading people to.

Can you let us know what “nothing is happening” mean? The users are not taken anywhere? Can you show us how you’re setting it up?

I recorded this video so you can see how i am setting up!

But I’m seeing now that it’s showing all the data that was entered on the screen, but I would just like to take 1 of the data that was entered and show on the next screen that confirms that the data was entered successfully. I can’t do that? Because it makes no sense to show the user all the data as it was (with the name of my rows), because the user should not see the name of the rows (he wont understand it). Do you get what i mean?

Looks like you need to configure the components on your screen… right now it’s just some default components… delete the components and add the ones you want.

Also… I’m not sure what you’re trying to do… but I don’t think you need the ‘goto tab’ after the show new screen in your action.


Can you explain this chain of action to us? Are you using entry components on the details screen and then adding those entry values to a destination table?

Do you want to show the row that has just been added instead? Because with the current chain, you’re showing the same row you use to enter the data.

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This is the flow of my page:

  1. The user enters, inserts a company’s National Tax Identification Number to validate whether he can trade with it
  2. Glide queries the database and gives a return to the user, if it is a positive return, the user needs to enter all company data
  3. The user enters all company data (name, telephone number, number of employees, etc.) and this data is sent to another database
  4. I would like the user to receive a confirmation screen at the end with “Company XXXX data successfully sent”. I wanted to take only the name of the company sent. For this I tried to use the “Show New Screen”, but it did not work. Can’t I just select the company name field to return this success screen?

So are you doing this?

If you have not cleared any entry values, then I assume you can just take that info and show it after a Show new screen > This item action?

I tried to draw what i am trying to do. Is it more clear now?

At this point in your video, are you on a details screen or a form? I assume it’s a details screen with entry components on it, not a native form.