Use Choice Component as Combobox

The Choice Component is working perfectly when looking up Values from the same Table or from some other Table.

Thing is that one has always to use some kind of Helper Table and create Relations, Lookups etc…

What I was doing in ASP.NET was using a Combobox instead of a Dropdownlist (aka Choice Component).

Considering this Product Table you will see that it includes a Field called Category Name:


Currently with the Choice Component I can see those Categories and select one:


If the Choice Component would be upgraded to act as a Combobox then one could create a new Category right away without the need of going back to the Helper Table:



This is of course only for single values, disallowing Multiple Choices and of course the Chips Style.

I believe that it should be quite easy to update the component (make writable) and be a welcome addition to Glide Pages since it eliminates the need of those Helper Tables and creation of related Pages etc…

PS This was already Requested by @Manu.n but I hope that it might get approved when explained a bit more detailed :).