Uploading an Image

Very basic question from a newbie - I’ve tried uploading an image using Airtable, a URL, and manually uploading, but I’m still unable to see the image on my page. Has anyone else had this issue? I have no trouble with videos - just images.

Do you have a sample url you can share? Is it a publicly available image? Where is it being stored? Also, are you using an image component to display the image?

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I’ve used several different URLs that are publicly available images along with images saved on my desktop, but still nothing.

Would you mind sharing a couple of the image URLs that don’t work for you?

Thank you! It was an issue with my browser. I can see all of the images now. One other question - is there a way to center images? I seem to only be able to left align them.

Is your project an App, or a Pages project?
Which component are you using to display your images?

Apologies for answering a question with more questions, but I can’t give you a proper answer without knowing the full context.