Uploaded images in Private Pro app are still publicly accessible?

Hi all!
I am building a Private Pro app for my organization (as I need to whitelist users and keep all data within the organization). So far so good, BUT I just realized that any uploaded profile picture (or other photos) from within the app (either by user or admin) is still uploaded on a public server, so the URL is accessible to anyone!
This is an issue for me as this goes completely against our privacy policy and obviously also against the idea of a “private” pro app :wink:
Does anyone have any solution for this issue? Or am I missing something?
Thanks for any suggestions!

Yes, it is a problem, and there is no easy solution that I’m aware of.

The only way I could suggest to work around this would be to host all images/documents yourself, then put them behind a firewall and require all of your app users to use a VPN. But that would be an awful solution.

There is an outstanding feature request to provide a private storage option. I believe it is something that Glide may be considering, but I have no idea where it might fit in the feature pipeline.

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Thanks Darren for your quick reply! I have upvoted your feature request straight away! For what it’s worth: while still in development mode, I have the profile images stored on google drive and shared privately with the users of the app (through google group address that I manage through google sheets). On desktop (chrome), I can display these private images without any issue, only on mobile (I have read about this limitation elsewhere in this community) they do not show. I understand google drive might not be meant for this kind of hosting but for our relatively small scale use (200 users) it’s a perfect and simple solution if it would work also on mobile. I’ll keep an eye out for updates! Thanks again!

I think as long as the user is logged in with an email that has access to the Google Drive file then it should show.