Upload image action I would like to prevent using existing library photos

Hello, I am using the upload image action for a construction logging app, the user will take photos of onsite work advances with related info, I would like to be able to avoid using existing photos from library and only give the user the possibility to shoot a new photo, I wonder if that’s possible?

The problem to avoid is user not shooting what’s real and current and instead uploading a deceiving old photo.


Yes, that’s possible.
You’ll find the setting in the Image Picker component options.


Yes that’s great but I need to use the photo component paired with upload image action (not the image picker) just because the image picker shows only a tiny image therefore can be certain the photo was taken alright specially if you are giving the user only the option to shoot new photos.

Maybe this could go to the wish list? Or am i missing something?

Thanks again !


Are you saying that you want to give the user an opportunity to review the image before it is saved?

This is easy to do with custom forms, but I’m not sure if it’s possible with native forms - maybe not, I’d need to test it.

With custom forms, all you need to do is:

  • target the image picker at a User Specific Column
  • add an image component to the same screen that also targets the same User Specific Column

Once the image is uploaded, it will be visible on the screen, and the user can choose to save it or take another photo.

Update: I’ve modified my custom forms concept app to demonstrate how this would work. The app is copyable.

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Thanks Darren, tried simply using the library loading preventing option the image picker and it worked!
Yes it would be noce to be able to use the image component if it had the same setting but it does not.
aporeciate your input