Update, w/ Light Mode & Switches from Light/Dark & French/English. My Product Manager Canvas inspired by Glide apps UI

Hi, Gliders, How’s Life w/ Glide?

I know it’s been a while. Priorities…
I just wanted to share with you one of my personal branding stuffs, like this canvas. Not to self-promote, but rather for the inspiration that could never have come to me if I hadn’t worked with Glide apps (if there’s no grammar & tense mistakes in this sentence, I’m in luck :wink: !)

Check it out, available in 2 languages + Text links to switch from French to English, Dark to Light Mode & vice-versa

En français Mode Sombre
En Français Mode Clair

In English Dark Mode
In English Light Mode

They’re not responsive (name a canvas that is), and not loading without latency on mobiles. Next release if I can find out how. Update: not for mobile, yet, the text links are too small to click on, even on landscape. Hope I can easily move the layout to negotiate all this.

Thks so much, Glide & Community to play such an impactful part of my improvement both personal & professional. Of course I’ll be better everyday & next time.

Enjoy your Glide,
Ly-Mei :cherry_blossom:


Looks great Ly-Mei! Wishing you success in the space!

The Canvas is great to click on and share :slight_smile:

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Oh thks :relaxed:
I can add a link to switch between FR and EN and hopefully later to the landing page of my whole portfolio (if the user is not lost somewhere in the navigation galaxy between different SaaS!).
As some people don’t like dark mode, I’ll convert these canvases also in light mode. There’s a plugin in Figma to help me do part of the job.

My resume is designed w/ the same look & feel for consistency.

Should you prefer Light Mode, check it out :slight_smile: (see the main topic updated above) @justinjmp @Dilon_Perera