Update and delete multiples sheets in one go

I have created an app where I use a form to upload multiples news categories.
my custom action:
all news will be added to the Home page (in my case is the Master sheet)
If a category is selected (politic or education) the news will appear on the master sheet AND either politic or education but if I want to edit or delete news on the Master Sheet it did not update on the other category with the same news and I have to do it one by one on the Master sheet and category sheet. Is there any way that I could update just only one on the Master Sheet that could affect the category news as well?

You’ll want to use filters. Each news item will have the category, or categories (using array columns).

On the main tab you don’t filter the news, you show everything.

On education, you use the same list but filter by category:education.

When you have your online list selected, under options in the right pane you should find filter. Have a play around.

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Thank you so much @Mishta_P really appreciate it.