Update a field according to the selected value to go to the detail

I have a tab that’s generated from a Query. This query brings up the summation of the transactions.I want to put the graph on the same screen where it shows the composition of the total balance, that information is on another sheet and is obtained with another query. The relationship between tables is done, but for the query where the graph comes from depends on the value selected. Next image is with the value entered manualy

Is it possible to detect which option was selected on the screen to pass that value to the cell from which the query that obtains the detail is controlled?

Many thanks for you help

Hi Juan, sorry if I got it wrong, but can’t you just setup a choice component containing all the options available, then pass that value to the cell you want?

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Can you show a little more information? Are you building your second query dynamically based on a selected value in the app? If so, that’s not going to work very well. You should be able to do this with relations/lookups/rollups and no queries at all, but it’s hard to tell without seeing more of your data layout.

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