Unknown Exception: unsupported Unicode escape sequence

Describe the bug:

  • Trying my luck here if someone has had similar problems. Couldn’t really solve it on the Make forum, but Glide is sending some info via a webhook that is causing an error in Make which generates an error message when trying to save a scenario. I’ve looked through all content many times but I can’t localize what this unsupported unicode is coming from. I’ll attach some screens from Make and from the webhook settings in Glide. I’m fairly confident in working with webhooks and Glide + Make and have several scenarios running but this one is causing a headache. Appreciate any help although this technically perhaps isn’t a Glide bug in itself.

This is solved. Did a deep check item by item, also interviewed client again.

They had copied content to Glide from another source and for one item and this included hidden formatted text that caused issue.

When entering manually clean text no issue. All good.


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