Unit name isn't passed to the IF=>Then field

  1. In the data editor, I have a rollup field with “Units” set.
  2. I create another IF->Then Field. where I want to handle three cases:
    a. if the count is 0 then keep the field empty
    b. if the count is 1 then write “1 Unit”
    c. if the count is more than 1 use the rollup field with the units.

the bug is that in this case the Units isn’t passed to the If=>then field, and I’m left with only a number.

When I create the IF->then field I can see that the units are passed, until I add the condition to handle count=1 (2b in the list above). When I add this condition I only see the number without the unit name.

yeah, this is a known issue. Been there forever. I’d love to see this one fixed.
The same happens with display formatting.

Workaround is to add a math column after the if-then-else, and then re-apply your formatting and/or units.


Yea, Workaround is easy, It’s just that I have enough fields as it is - I’m reporting it hoping for a fix.