Unit display in number entry field

I am currently transferring my app from the Classic app to the ‘New’ version and in all honesty I’m close to tears at being forced to alter so much because of the changes. I won’t get into all the differences but one I’ve stumbled across which makes no sense, previously in the ‘classic’ version my units would display in the number entry component field. In the new app this is not happening.

Is this something that was removed in the new app or is it a result of me duplicating the data from the ‘classic’ app. The units are visible in the data view and when displaying the figures in the layout view. But in the field to enter the figures it’s no longer shown. I’m so disappointed in all this, the amount of work I’m having to duplicate is painful and it still has issues that I can’t resolve.

First 2 images are of the ‘classic’ app.

classic data

And these 2 of the new app for reference.

data view

Yes, this is one thing that has been discussed before, but we don’t know if Glide would bring it over.

Sorry @ThinhDinh do you mean it has been removed?

I would say it “has not” been brought over to the new version. I don’t know if they would consider it.

Okay, thanks for your reply, yet another disappointment in the new version.

I cannot comprehend why such a simple yet useful function would not be brought over to the new version.