UniqueID versus RowID

I just realized that testing on the screen’s rowID to exclude itself from a collection didn’t work.
I had to add a UniqueID whenever I add a row, and then could test the screen’s UniqueID against the collection’s UniqueIDs.

Is this a bug, or is there a good reason why a RowID couldn’t be used as a UniqueID ?

Are you saying that RowID is not unique?
Can you demonstrate this?

No, that’s just fine…. Basically, I have a database of comments from users. When I select a detail screen of a comment, I create a relation where the email of the user relates to the whole database, to get a list of all comments from that user, which I then display in a collection based on the relation.

I then wanted to show all comments except the one from the detail screen so I set up a filter in the collection, « rowID is not screen->rowID » but it doesn’t work as it filters out everything in the collection (as if every rowID was the same, which is definitely not the case) :wink:.

I also tried to create the collection from the whole comments database and then filtering out « user is screen->user and rowID is not screen->rowID », but same problem.

So I added a uniqueID at the creation of each comment and filtered « uniqueID is not screen->uniqueID » which works fine. Seems weird to me…

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mmm, yes.
I don’t think I can explain what’s going on here, but I would like to see it for myself. Is there any chance you can make a small copyable prototype app that demonstrates the issue?

Sounds like your RowID is the users ID and not specific the CommentID? If so, filtering comments on UserID will remove all of those Users comments.


Yup, to my defense, it was late… :wink:

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