Unique List

Hi, do you have any ideas on how to make a list of unique ?

For example, I have:
Company | Model | Status | Type | Amount
Abc Sdn Bhd | GS-1000 | Open | Machine | $100,000
Abc Sdn Bhd | GS-1002 | Won | Rental | $5,000
Def Sdn Bhd | GS-2000 | Lost | Machine | $200,000
Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-2000 | Open | Machine | $200,000
Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-1000 | Open | Rental | $5,000
Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-1000 | Won | Rental | $5,000

I want it to be unique for company name:
Abc Sdn Bhd
Def Sdn Bhd
Ghi Sdn Bhd

And when I click one of the company name it will be showing:
(I click Ghi Sdn Bhd for example)
3 Enquries , 2 Open, 1 Won, Total Won Amount : $5,000

Here is a technique that I learned from @Jeff_Hager. You will need a RowID column in your sheet.

  1. Create a self-relation linking the company name to itself. This should be a single relation (call this rel-self)
  2. Create a Lookup column to fetch the RowID from that relation (call this lk-unique-id)
  3. Finally, create an if-then-else column: If RowId is lk-unique-id, then true. Else blank. (call this ite-is-unique)

You can now use this last column to filter your Inline List: “where ite-is-unique is true”


Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-2000 | Open | Machine | $200,000 | TRUE
Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-1000 | Open | Rental | $5,000 |
Ghi Sdn Bhd | GS-1000 | Won | Rental | $5,000 |

It will be like this. And how do make a sum of the status ?
Open 2 , Won 1

Sum of the status doesn’t really make sense. Do you mean sum of the amounts per company?
To do that you need a self-relation (multi-relation), and then use a rollup column through that relation.

Just getting back to your original question…

There are a few different ways to get something like that. Give me a little while and I’ll make an example for you.

@biha - I made an example that you can study and copy.

Note that I am assuming that you have a table with a list of companies, and a separate table with a list of orders.

Look at the companies and orders Glide Tables in this app, and the Companies tab.

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