Unique ID Special Value

Maybe start GlideHunt, a place where people can vote for features :wink:

We have Userfeed on our Intercom where you can “vote” :wink:

How and where do I find that?

@erwblo It’s pretty well hidden right now as it’s mostly something we use when talking to users in Intercom, but we plan to open it up to the community in general soon.

Click message us in the ? in the bottom right and then just below the new conversation button you’ll see ‘Submit feature request’.

Again, pretty well hidden :wink: but that’s intentional for now.

Why changes the Id value for the same user?
If always changes how can we use it to link records in different sheets?

Do not understand the use case…

@Gerard_Fernandez Don’t include the unique value as one of the editable fields. Only use it for adding new records and for form button submissions. The unique id is not tied to a user like email is. It’s to give any new record a unique value.

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Thanks Jeff got it. But which is the use case?

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@Gerard_Fernandez I wrote two articles that might help you:


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Great Thanks!!!

Where is this option for uniqueID?
I don’t see it on the components listing…

It only appears in your add/edit/form components.

Thanks! Found it and tested … works great and saves me a BUNCH of time writing a trigger for a UUID generator in Sheets.

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Is there a way to add the UUID’s to existing sheets with populated rows?

You could either add the uuid component to edit mode, edit each item, then remove the uuid component. Or I’m sure you could find a uuid generator online to generate a mass list of uuids that you could paste into your sheet.

I always run into that issue and just generate as many as I need from this tool - https://www.uuidgenerator.net/


Thank! I use that as well.

I decided to go with blank tabs and use a forms submission page to add subcategories, categories, and supercategories in that order - using the level below as a lookup list. So, categories has x number subcategories and has choice elements for each which draw from the subcategory names.

I’m trying to sort out a kind of universal template that allows any number of subcats,cats,supercats and which can be extended or edited overtime without breaking anything and with an obvious and observable logic to the relations.

Essentially an extended version of the Advanced coneferance app and the categories/subcategories tutorials combined…maybe. :-p

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Cool! Please share some details once it’s done! :+1:t4: