Unique Element

hi everyone
How to apply unique formula in GT…
When there are multiple data, I want to make it only one data.
in Glide Table I use a unique element, but it removes the horizontal double data, and that’s not what I expected.
I want a unique element to work on vertical data, like the following screenshot, can it be done?

There are several ways to approach this. What do you want to do with the data afterwards?

If you want some sort of a “unique category”, I would do it like this:

In the same table as you show above:

  • Create a lookup column to return an array of all names.

  • Create a plugin column to return unique elements of the array. (Array > Unique elements)

Then, create a new table called “Categories”.

  • Create as many rows in advance as needed (this must be manually done).

  • Add a rowID column for the “Categories” table.

  • Create a lookup to return all rowIDs of this table.

  • Use the plugin Array > Find Element Index to have an index starting from 0 of each row (find each row’s rowID in the array of rowIDs created).

  • Use a single value column to bring the list of unique elements from the Names table.

  • Use a single value column, use “From start” option, point to the index column 2 steps above, with the array being the array brought back from the Names table.

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