Populate data

I would like to create a new GLIDE table which brings in the unique values from another table… is there an easy way to do that ?

I can get the data I want to see, but as a calculated value it creates an array of each row… but I would like rows created for each value…

Yes. Do it like this:

  • Add enough rows to your table to cover the maximum number of unique values
  • Add a RowID column
  • Add a Lookup column that targets the RowID column. This will give you an array of RowIDs
  • Add a Find Element Index column. This should target the array of RowIDs, and look for the RowID. This column will give you a incrementing number in each row, beginning at zero.
  • Add another Lookup column that targets the column you want unique values from.
  • Add a Unique Elements column that targets the previous column.
  • Finally, add a Single Value. This should take X from Start of the previous column, where X is the Row Index number.
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wow thats a handful:) I went on the oldschool direction… Google spreadsheet, unique(query(…))

thanks for your time and effort.

Using a sheet formula is fine, as long as you don’t care about the sync delay.