Understanding data

Hi, new developer here. I currently use PowerApps to build both a desktop AND a mobile app, tapping the Microsoft Dataverse as my “source” of Data and treating it as a database. As i build my app out with PowerApps, I create pages (ex… SALES) where I have to write complex formulas to sort through the database to return the records or sum of records, like February Sales for this year. I’m thinking Glide’s approach to data is different. Once I’ve picked a datasource (google sheet, or excel file), how do I run query’s or summarize my data so I can build dashboards and “cut” my data the way I want to see it? more examples, so let’s say i want to see all the sales for a particular client?

Second question, does Glide allow me to setup and show my CLIENTs their order data? So I’d love a way to give my client’s a way to login and see their own orders and check the status of shipment and maybe even re-order items. Architecturally can this be done with Glide ? If so, I’ll do my reading, just need pointers on where to go for data questions like this.

Thank anyone who can help!

Yes, all of the above can be done with Glide.

There is a comprehensive collection of computed column types and plugins that when used together allow you to slice and dice your data pretty much any way you want.

For your second question regarding clients, Glide includes a security feature known as Row Owners, that can be used to isolate and segregate data.

This community is a great resource, so feel free to post questions here as you progress. You’ll find plenty of folks willing to help and point you in the right direction.


Thank you for the quick reply.