Types of ARRAY in Pages

I am starting to re-build my APP into a PAGE…
I want to use as many Glide Tables as possible instead of Google sheets.
One of my Google sheets has ARRAY formulas - eg =ArrayFormula((SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE($R$2,“name”,O2:O),“ref”, A2:A)))
In glide there is a whole bunch of ARRAY’s to choose from - which one would work ? I just cant get the hang of it!

This is the “blank” cell - /allproperties/agent/name/ref"
And this is the result I need - /allproperties/agent/Corina-Bisson/15158

Glide formulas are naturally like array formulas and apply to all rows. If I’m understanding your formula correctly, a Template column should be sufficient. Set the template to point to your R column and then set the appropriate replacement values.

OH wow - So simple ! Thanks, once again Jeff
Are you working with PAGES instead of APPS now ?

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I’ve played with them a little. Only one small project that I rebuilt as a Page. I’d love to convert my primary project, but it will be a large undertaking due to it’s complexity and it’s not currently under team pricing (still in My Apps folder), so whenever I’m forced to switch that over to a team folder, then I’ll work on rebuilding it. Right now it has over 10k rows, so it’s next to impossible to rebuild it in a free team because it won’t load all of the data from google sheets. I’m itching to do more in Pages, but the above limitation, along with some missing features and design elements are holding me back at the moment.

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