Trying to create field that inputs to all new rows in google sheets when toggled on/off

Hey Guys,

Loving the glide apps and the flexibility it has and intuitive interface it has! Please help me get over this one that is stumping me. A little background on how the app works. My googlesheet is updated from a platform like IFFT, or Make, Zapier etc. It writes a new row of data which is basically new contacts that are received, then these contacts are displayed in the app.
What i am trying to do is create a toggle button in the app that would say “event”, and a Text field where the event descriptor would go. This way lets say on a specific day I am at a trade show, I would turn on the toggle and input the name of the show, then ALL new contacts added from here forward glide would automatically fill the column in the googlesheet with Event Boolean true (on, checked etc), and then another column with event name that would get added automatically UNTIL the user turns off that toggle.

This way I could then create a filter in the contacts screen to filter which contacts were acquired at which event, or not an event at all.

Can we do this?

That’s kind of tricky if your Contacts are being added by an external source, but…

Just using the example of Make, what you could do is define a variable and keep it in a Make data store, and use this variable when new contacts are added. Then if you want to update the value in that variable from Glide, what you could do is trigger a webhook that sends a new value, and then create a scenario that updates the value in your data store.

I’m not familiar with Zapier, but I’d image you could probably do something similar.

thank you Darren for the quick help!

I’ll see if there is a way to fire a webhook over to my iSaaS from glide and have integrately accept it.

An alternative from Darren’s method is to have a Sheet with only one row, and then in Glide you have a screen to configure that. Say a column for the boolean, a column for the “event name”. You can change those things in Glide.

When your external source is updated, then first try to retrieve those values from the Sheet using a Make module, then use those values in the next step when adding the new row.

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