Tricks to change color for overdue items?

I have a checklist of items with due dates, sorted in ascending order by date. Once the date passes, is there a trick to change the color to red (or other).

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Without some html it’s tough. I normally add an emoji (green checkmark or red X for some items I have). That or add an image to the if/then to use it in a list.

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@Deena what exactly do you wanna change the color of?

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Hi @Deena I took @Manan_Mehta’s nocode course & one of the many tips was to use an If then Else column & markup to change the colour of the text depending on the condition. Our example was over spending a budget & if the total spend was 75% the text was a certain colour, under 75% it was another colour & over budget was red! All done with conditions & a statement like this
font color=“green”>< h3 >Expenses under control man!"
Hope this helps.


Adding what @Brad_Legassick said
You can set the list as inline or card style, where in image or avatar pic you can add an if then else column with links of green and red pics
Becoming more visual


Thanks @Brad_Legassick, @Manan_Mehta, @Lucas_Pires. I will try the IFT and play around with the layout as well per Lucas’ suggestion!


“Oh Shit! Spent too much”
Love how natural that sounds Brad :joy:


Can we change the whole card background color to a specific color say, blue based on a condition?
I am using an inline list item, and I want to separate cards based on some condition. Right now, all cards appear white one below the other. Suppose I want to just change the background of some cards to another color, based on a condition, is that possible? What html code will work?

I tried this, but it is not working.
What am I missing?

You’re trying to use css on a inline list, but it works only in Rich Text component

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try to experiment in Code BOOK, you will get experience how to use CSS… you can go to tab test css and change parameters of the code you selected and see in action results.


Ok Noted. I wish the details, or Header or Title in an inline list had a Rich Text component, so that we could change the appearance of each item individually. Right now, I think there is no way of changing each item’s appearance individually, unless I know the sequence of the items, and then I can apply nth child concept of CSS.