Inline List Color by condition

It is possible the color of Title in Inline list turn red when the Title was “Click Here to Add”

yes is possible:

put that CSS in a template and add IF ELSE column to control color

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hmm but what the format for if else ?

IF “click here to add” RED… Else… BLACK

I need it when it show “>Click Here to Add Item Details” it turns Red.
When it show the “Type” is show grey.

that’s exactly what I wrote
if click here is “>Click here to Add item” then red… ELSE. grey

I mean how to apply in this code

[data-test="list-item"] .textStyle{
color: red;
[data-test="list-item"] .textDetailStyle{
color: blue;
[data-test="app-vertical-list"] >div >div {
color: purple;
[class="navigationIcon"] >*{
color: green;
[data-test="list-item"].separator::after {
background-color: yellow;
height: 2px;

delete codes for other components… leave only the first one…
in a template replace word red with COLOR and below under REPLACEMENTS type COLOR and on the right choose that IF ELSE column where you have colors

How to substitute ?

in the template under replacements type COLOR and choose if else column

Now i understand why i cant find replacement.
Because i’m adding code with adding rich text component.
It is possible to do this way ?


code you need to put in to a template column… then use that template in rich text component

But my value was relation (multiple).
I cannot when come to add component in rich text


In rich text use the template column that you have css code