Change the background of an inline list item (card/tile) based on a selection

Is there a way of changing the background color (or having some kind of checkmark) if a user is selecting from an inline list?

use case:

  • the user needs to choose their service to continue

  • it would be nice for the selected service to change color / checkmark so they know what has been selected

  • my workaround for testing is to present the selection afterward. But it would be nice to have something more fun that takes less space :slight_smile:

Could always pop in a user specific column that keeps track of timestamp. The one with the latest time stamp (determined via a Rollup) is the one that has the image/icon, else blank. You’d set the timestamp as part of a custom action when clicking on the inline list item.


Clever :star2:

The way I do it:

  • user specific Boolean to use as a toggle
  • template column that includes the item and and whatever icon is used to indicate it’s selected
  • if-then-else column to determine what to use as the item title, based on the state of the Boolean
  • action on the list item toggles the state of the Boolean

Works fine for me, but that said, Bob’s method looks rather neat also :+1: