Travel App to connected travelers by trip destination

Hello experts; I’m stuck. I’m trying to connect travelers to specific trips in my app, and I don’t know why it’s showing people that are not connected to the trip.

I created a video that hopefully you can watch, and let me know what you think I am be doing wrong.
video explanation:

you showed everything but how you made relations :wink: … so I don’t know what you doing wrong… for sure you have too many sheets

I’m assuming that you are building a relation only using the destination. What you need to do is create a template column in the respective tables that joins the destination and date into one value. Then you can change your relations to use the template columns. That should allow you to only show travelers for a specific destination/date.

Uzo thanks for responding, yes I probably do have too many sheets but I’m hoping to get betting at glide to make things a little easier for myself.

I have relations in a few places.
On the

Here is a copy of my google sheets.

Video showing relations :

Copy of google sheets.

Hopefully this will help explain what I’m trying to say. Thanks for your response.

Jeff, see my response below to Uzo… hopefully that is a little clear.

I greatly appreciate you responding to my post.