Travel App based off City Guide template

I found out about Glide a while ago, but didn’t have a use case. When I was planning for a trip to Italy, I was frustrated that I had so much research but did not really have a user friendly way to access the info on the go. Then I remembered Glide. My husband and I saved this to our iPhones for our trip and it was a game changer. I’ve shared it with friends and family, and now I’m sharing with you all. Hope you enjoy, and it inspires you!


Nice job. When I finally get around to a return trip to Italy this will come in handy. Even the idea of it is great and I’m sure I will incorporate it on my next trip.

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Awesome, :slight_smile:

Really nice!

Nice useful app that has me thinking about all the upcoming trips I should Appify. I only wish I could afford to eat at a few you mention.

Nice app

Awesome! Have only been to Bologna so now dreaming of another trip back to Italy. :upside_down_face: