Transpose data from a column in one table to another table in a row

I want to automatically copy numeric values from a column in GlideApp-Table 1 to a row in GlideApp-Table 2.
I will do this with multiple columns in table 1 to pair them with their rows in table 2 that have the same name.


  • In Table 1, the column name is Savings and each row in this column represents the numeric value in a given month
  • In Table 2 the row represents Savings and each column will represent the months

I am basically transposing data cross different tables from a single column to multiple columns in a row.


  1. Can I transpose data from a column in table 1 to a row in table 2?
  2. Can I do that automatically by matching the column name in table 1(First row) with the row name (first column value) in table 2?

You could create a Single Value column for each month in table 2 and have each one retrieve a value from a different row in table one.

Thanks Jeff for the quick response.
I don’t think this solves my problem because in Table 1 I have multiple columns like Savings, Income, Expenses, Net Income etc. and I want to transpose all of them to Table 2 where each row represents one of those categories with their monthly data spread over in each row.
My goal here is to use the Table 2 as the data for a list on the home page where each item in the list is a category and when I open it I can view the monthly performance.

Do you have a solution for that or do I have to rely on google sheets and rebuild this module?

  • Use a Make Array column to create an array from the columns in Table 1 that you’re interested in.
  • Pull that column into Table 2 (there are several ways to do this, which is best depends on exact use case)
  • Add enough rows to Table 2 to cover the total number of items in the array
  • Add a RowIndex to Table 2 (see here)
  • Add a Single Value column. Target the Array column, and select N from Start, where N is the RowIndex.