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Hi all,
For my upcoming holiday to Thailand I want to have a translate page in my app.
I managed to translate from Dutch to Thai in Google Sheets. But now I’m a little lost. How would I make only an entry field and result field on a page in Glide?
There have been translate apps in this forum but they don’t seem to exist anymore.

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I managed to do it with the Text Entry componentScreenshot 2020-01-06 12.58.46

Hi Guys! need your skills please,

I’m trying to set up two languages on this app but i end up after filling form on English how to create a formula is goes automation on two languages on the same sheet?

Hey @Electro1

Have you tried to use the google translate formula??

I hope this helps.

Hello Santiago thanks for responding my inquiry yea I have used this before was wondering how to make it automation translation when clients fill the the form will go to google sheet sit on two translations languages, is that make sense?


It makes sense.

Unfortunately the translate formula doesn’t work with array formula. I just found out, however, that can be done via script.

I am not a script person but I am sure that @Darren_Murphy, @Manan_Mehta, @ThinhDinh among others could help you out setting up that script so the translation gets automated.

Also, you could integrate Gsheets and GTranslate using Integromat: Google Translate Integrations | Integromat

Hi guys need your help please!
I’m running a pro app I have just purchased echat after red your lovely comment, but seem to many sheets to transferred to main app any chance can I connected together without importing sheets?

thanks in advanced

Thanks Santiago

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Hi! I created a Glide (classic) App - GGT GlideGoogleTranslator which translates the default text into several languages. I plan to set all the languages that Google translate offers. Check if it suits you:
Tip: If you log into the application, you can save yours translations!

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