I want to translate from English to Burmese

I would like to build a translation app. For that I have found
this - Translate Column and
this - Is there a way to add the Google Translate button to a site.
But I don’t quite understand the explanation from those posts and cannot implement the translation column myself yet.

Would you want to use specifically Google Translate for your project or anything that just works? I think most of these require an API key to use, have you signed up for any API keys?

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No I haven’t signed up for any API keys. Currently it is translated by using with google translate like this.

Now I am finding ways to add two buttons. One will be to save the question and answer pair. And the other clear button is to clear the values in text entry and two output texts. The below image is an example.

I think I can do the first one by saving values into rows in a new table. But I don’t know how I can do the second one which is to clear values. Could you please help me with that?

That will be a very poor user experience, because you will have to wait for the translation to sync back from the Google Sheet to Glide. You’re better off using a translation service (or even one of the OpenAI integrations).

To clear the values, you can use a Set Column Values → Clear Value action.
If you expect to have more than one user, you should capture the input in a User Specific column, otherwise when two or more users are interacting with your App at the same time, the values they enter will overwrite each others.


I will try to use translation service like you suggested then. Could you suggest any free service for that?

To save answers, i used button with add rows action to add rows to a new table like this.

But to clear values, I still don’t understand what you mean by “Column Values → Clear Value action.” Is it this one?


But whenever I do it like that, my button go away.

Could you explain more about how to do that?

It’s “Set Column Values”. You can click the three dots button on a column and choose “Clear Value”.


This looks like it’s still working for me, as long as you have an API key.


Thank you for the answer. I have already got that. One thing that I noticed when using google sheet for translation is that I cannot use user-specific column with google sheet. When I synced with google sheet and then create user specific column in glide app. These columns didn’t appear in google sheets. Why is it that?

Here is the example. First I create a google sheet, which only contains two columns user_email and name. Then I synced that with glide. Then I create new user-specific columns in glide since I cannot create them in google sheet.

But after I created the columns in glide, they don’t also appear in google sheet. Is it intended? If so, how can we use user-specific columns with google sheets.

User Specific Columns only exist in Glide because they contain a different value in the same row for every user. There would be no way to represent that in a Google Sheet. There are other reasons, but that’s the main one.


I see. Thanks for the answer. So if we would like to build an app with multiple users and let the users only see their data, we cannot use tools like google sheet? We have to use only Glide table in this case? Also if we use Glide tables, can we also export each user data in google sheets when the user request them?

How do you define “let the users only see their data”? It’s already the behaviour if you use user-specific columns.

Do you mean exporting the data through multiple tables? There should be a way to do it if you configure the right CSV structures.

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