:fleur_de_lis: TIP OF THE DAY :iphone::left_right_arrow: :desktop_computer:

:small_blue_diamond: Transfer ANYTHING from MOBILE to COMPUTER/NOTEBOOK in ONE CLICK!

➜ Access SNAPDROP.NET on both
➜ It will show a :desktop_computer: in your mobile and a :iphone: in your computer/laptop
➜ Download from each other!

It’s done! :raised_hands:

(PS: I didn’t add an English subtitle in this one, but tell me if it’s too hard to understand :smile:)

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Very nice.

What would be a use case with Glide? I’m putting my thinking cap on! :mortar_board:

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Never tried yet. Let’s put our thinking cap on :mortar_board:

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Very cool!

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Is this:

a) an advertisement for snapdrop.net?
b) a widget/template for Glide?
c) an App developed in Glide?
d) all of the above?
e) none of the above?

enthusiasm for tools shouldnt be automatically seen as advertisements. keep you enthusiasm coming @Lucas_Pires


Nice video transitions, though!

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Yeah, definitely I won’t get paid for this. It’s not an advertising definitely.

You can read in the title the word “tip”. It’s self-explained.

Btw @MattLB the link of the video is from my YouTube channel, you can see what I talk about there. Take a look there and let me know :wink:

(Now this is an ad)

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We are all part of the Glide salesteam, it should be ok to have some side jobs :wink:

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If this tip doesn’t help anyone, as helped, I delete this topic by my self lol

It was meant to be a simple/funny query - is this a template that I could use, was it built in Glide to show off a very cool capability or something else?

It certainly looks cool.

No disrespect.

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