Enable people to enter data?

Hello friends. Since I don’t speak English, I couldn’t research the forum. I want to enable people to enter data through this application. If there is a video that can serve as an example, could you share it?

Hi! What language do you speak? I have seen people here on the forum post in other languages and get replies. Also you can use AI or just Google to translate messages :hugs:


Yes, I’m speaking through artificial intelligence. Turkish is my native language. I can’t explain how much I struggle:)

Firstly, I want my staff to log in with a password. Then, I want them to fill out and submit the order form. This order list will be sent to me. Is it possible for me to do this?:slight_smile:

Certainly! Which plan are you on and how many stuff members do you have or planning to have?

I am considering this for mu own team, only 10 people. I am gratefull. ı appreciate your interest.

Glide only allows you to login with an email PIN or a Google authentication.

Thank you:) will try immediately…