Сообщения в чате отображаются в неверной последовательности

My app’s URL: p9no1.glideapp.io
Неправильный порядок сообщений в чате.
Сообщения после отправки отображаются не на последнем месте, как это принято во всех чатах. Новые сообщения отображаются выше предыдущих и складывается впечатление, что они не новые, и их можно пропустить и не заметить в чате.

Can you show a picture of this happening?

The image won’t show the problem, because you won’t understand which messages are going in the wrong order. The bottom line is that when you send messages to someone else, they are displayed in the wrong order for me and the other person, which causes confusion. Try to quickly correspond with someone yourself and you will understand.

Is everybody in the chat in the same timezone or different timezones?

Both chat participants are in the same time zone. The problem only manifests itself if you frequently send messages to both participants of the chat. If you pause for about one minute between messages, the messages are displayed in the correct order.

I’m not really sure on this one.

What is it? Is it that we are in the same time zone with the other person, or is there a problem in reality? In order to see the problem, you need a second person in the chat-an interviewee, you can’t see this problem alone.

I tried to duplicate this in one of my apps. One logged in with my primary email on my phone and one logged in with a test email on my computer. I did rapid back and forth comments by writing numbers sequentially with about 3 seconds between messages and I could not duplicate your issue. My best guess is a connectivity issue. I don’t really know.

I’ll try to record a video one of these days.

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