Top-left App Name is “Untitled”..?

Just curious, anyone know how to enable this or have this be the name of your App? (See pic)

It defaults to your initial spreadsheet name. You can change it in Settings/General

It is a bug in iOS according to this source:

…there is a bug, where the back button to your PWA shows “:arrow_backward:Untitled” and not the actual PWA’s name or short name (see image below)


lol, I guess you can see I deal mostly with Android users.

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@Krivo - any updates on this? Our Apps still show “Untitled” - know of any fixes? :thinking:

@david - any solution for this? :thinking:

Any clarity, help or suggestions are much appreciated!

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@ehdubya the problem is still there. Hope that glide will fix this eventuality

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Gotcha. Yeah hopefully soon. It’s not that big of a deal, but we always strive to provide client customers with a good UX and seeing “Untitled” when moving between screens isn’t really cohesive to that.

Thanks for the reply! :pray:t2:

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