Link back to app in iPhone showing Untitiled

I have noticed on iPhone if I click on a link which takes me away from the glide app the link to take me back to the app (shown at the top of the iPhone screen) shows < UNTITLED

It would be good if it showed < GLIDEAPPNAME


I raised the same thing a while back but heard nothing

May or may not be an IOS issue. I seem to notice a lot of issues people have stem from IOS and how locked down it is. I’ve also heard about the latest IOS removing apps from memory if they lose focus for more than a few seconds. Seems that IOS doesn’t handle multitasking all that well. Just observations. I’ve never owned an IOS product.

I’m on the latest iOS, it’s the best support for PWAs yet for the platform - not really noticing major memory flushes for the app or anything when bouncing around apps on my phone (normal user behaviour.

That said, +1 on @Rosewebstudio’s request - a small but needed polish.


Is there an update to this request? +1 from me!