Top Five Sellers

In this column all employee sales for 2021, divided into four categories (Q1, Q2, Q4, Q4)

Can I have Top Five Sellers for each quarter?


yes, extract Q1…4 to separate columns, sort by amount, and filter by row less than 6

Required as follows:
Add a new column,
next to the first seller appears “first place” and next to the second seller the “second place” …

I don’t understand what you mean… but if you want to have a sorted column, this can be done only in google sheets using few filter formulas or script… in Glide you can achieve that using few if else columns to extract values and then filter 4 inline lists in app UI, but it won’t be a single column… the easiest way in glide… simply filter your column for condition if including Q1, then sort by amount, display only 5 results… repeat list for each Q

as long as you do what Uzo said above, and then sort the list from largest to smallest, you’re done.


Do you want to have your Top 5 List in an only one Inline List (showing 20 rows)?

Or will you be happy using 4 InLine List instead?

If you need this calculated only within Glide, then probably it needs a few columns:

  • Relation and lookup to get an array of only numbers of the same quarter.
  • Experimental code column to rank the current row’s number against the set of numbers returned via the lookup.
  • If Then Else column to return the final ranking text (i.e first place, second place, etc.)

Ya, check this out:
:1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal: Convert Number Score to Rankings in Glide!


Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Thanks

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