Title/Logo doesn’t redirect to Home Screen


In the computer the logo/title section in the header does works like a button to go back to the home page, but in the mobile it doesn’t seem to work.

Does someone has the same problem?

Is this for Glide Apps or Glide Pages?

In glide pages

What I see in my mobile app is the logo returns you to the top of the screen, do you see the same thing?

I think that kind of aligns with my expectation, so not sure we should consider it a feature or a bug.

Hi Thinh,

Maybe it isn’t a bug and works as intended, but for me personally when I click the logo/title I would expect to be redirected to the home page and when I click above the title I then would expect to go to the top of the screen, as in every webpage.

We talked about this with the team, they agreed there’s an inconsistency, but did not provide info on whether there will be a change or not.

An update:


Great! Thanks

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Hey, with the new pages design this I no longer needed, I guess.

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Yeah I guess so, but I think they’ll make a fix anyway.