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I want to make timestamp for my approval system that generate when the user editing the status in Glide. There are 3 roles with different level like level 1, level 2, and level 3. When the user with level 1 editing the request status to approve, it will generate a timestamp in the timestamp approval level 1 column. Also, the same process for the user level 2. Every approval from level 1 until level 3 will have their own timestamp approval column and this happen on the same data or same row,

I’ve already made the approval system, but the timestamp will always changing and following the new role that editing the status. So for now, I have 3 timestamp columns with the same value. Any good suggestion? Thank you!

How are you currently setting the timestamps?
Can you show a screen shot?

Based on your description, it sounds like you might need a custom action with conditional branches based on the signed in users role.

I’m just using special value for the timestamp in every roles view

Is this with an edit form?

Probably what you need to do is change that and use an onSubmit custom action instead. The action setup would be something like:

  • If User Profile → Role is Level 1
    – Set Column Values → Level 1 Approval Time → Current date/Time
  • Else if User Profile → Role is Level 2
    – Set Column Values → Level 2 Approval Time → Current date/Time
  • Else if User Profile → Role is Level 3
    – Set Column Values → Level 3 Approval Time → Current date/Time
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It is an edit form because I want to edit the same row. Okay, I’ll try that first

Just to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that you get rid of your Edit Form.
You can still use that, but instead of setting the timestamp in every column using the special value, do it as an onSubmit action and only set the appropriate column based on the signed in users role.

I just try your suggestion and it works. Thank you for your help @Darren_Murphy !

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