Time format in Glide UI

I add create-time to almost all rows. Usually in short display format. But sometimes I want to just display the date and not the date/time. This seems to be a UI formatting issue not a data issue but I fix it by creating a new ‘date-only’ column in the table and use that field in every place where I want the ‘shorter’ data.

Is this the correct way to handle this or is their a different way within the layout builder?

Thanks as always

A date/time column will always store the date and time, regardless of how you set the display format.

If you want to present the value of the same column in different ways (ie. with or without the time), then a simple way is to add a math column and format appropriately.

So yeah - if I understand what you are saying - then that’s a good way to do it.

There’s certainly no way to adjust the date/time display at the component level. It has to be done in the Data Editor.

Also worth noting that individual users will not necessarily see the same format that you see, as each device will reformat according to its own settings. The only way to “force” a format is to convert your date/time to a string.

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