🕒 Time and Duration Picker

Set only time in AM/PM or 24H format, or switch to the duration mode.

Analog Clock

Adjust hours, minutes, and seconds using buttons.
Switch AM/PM to 24H format, turn on or off seconds. Adjustable minutes increment.
The time value can be added to any date.

Click the duration button, and the time format will switch to duration, which can be used in stopwatch or other similar applications. Click the settings floating button and all format buttons will disappear, Admin can disable the setting button, to ensure users will enter time as he presets it.


Available in Templates Market

template market button

Now, with the adjustable analog clock!

The analog clock is a nice touch.

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still not finished… it drives me crazy lol
so hard to make calculations that gonna work on all devices and screens… but pretty close :wink: