Tiles on my home page- how to?

I am creating a single homepage for every user and planning to place a series of horizontal tiles on it.

Some tiles will link to hidden tabs and some to filtered lists on these tabs.

I want another layer of tiles highlighting the ‘Featured’ items that will be handpicked items (user, reviews, products) from various tabs.

Can someone suggest most efficient way to make that happen? I am thinking multiple hidden landing pages with detailed view and inline lists. These will be linked to images displayed as tiles on homepage. Not sure about featured item tiles yet.

Thanks for your time and response.

Something like this? --> https://substackgems.glideapp.io/

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Thanks for responding @sardamit. Somewhat similar. Taking the example of your app, I am trying to feature a topic, article, contributor, and viewer in a single featured tile row.

Hey Sumit!

I haven’t figured out combining ‘featured’ items from different lists (tabs in Google Sheets).

But if you want to feature one type at a time, you can simply add a column to each table in Google Sheets for ‘Specials’ and tag each item as ‘Trending’, ‘Featured’, etc.

Then you can create an inline list for each type, filtered for ‘Specials’ is not empty.

If you’re planning on a single page, I would break down the page logically and link the right list at the right places. This app is an example: https://app.steerme.in/

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Although that’s not what I plan to do now, your suggestion is really helpful for future. Thanks!

Btw, love the steerme app. Amazing graphics :clap: Love it! I think you have a good eye for graphics and a good source of illustrations.

I didn’t build it. :smiley:

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I am just glad you shared it. Do you think these are tiles linked to screens and webpages?

Steerme · Steerme 2020-08-02 12-21-21

The first one is an inline list with each item in the list further listing more items in that category.

The second one is linking to web pages.


Much appreciated!