Tie Student to Parent User

Ya, there are a few ways to approach this, but you’ll want to provide families with a unique student code or QR code. By inputting/scanning the code, a parent will be able associate their user profile row to the child account. The easiest way to do this is write a new record to a “parent-student association” table that includes both the user id and the student id, but it might not be scalable since many adults can be associated to the same child.

A leaner approach would be to write the student id to an array column in the user profile table, but this is a trickier setup. It involves using inline arrays using what we call the “Trebuchet method”. I plan on making a tutorial video on inline arrays as soon as Glide supports JSON in inline arrays.

Until then maybe a combo of these two videos will help:

This video uses a slightly outdated trebuchet setup, but the concept still works