TidyCal to Glide

Hi Guys, I am creating an app for tutors and students. I want students to click on the tutor’s profile with the link to their TidyCal, once booked, send the data back to Glide and update the calendar accordingly, but I had no idea how to set up the Make. Can anyone assist, please?

Does TidyCal offer a module in Make, or a webhook where they can write new events to?

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Nope, there is no TidyCal built-in integration in Make yet. But with some skills, you can call the API through Make (TidyCal API).

You can also manually setup the webhooks with Make, done it with Shopify and works nice. That is if you can setup webhooks destination from TidyCal admin/dashboard.

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Is there a doc or video that can help me with Webhook setup on Make and Glide, please? I tried to Google it, but I couldn’t find much info on the internet. The Webhook setup seems complicated for me.

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