Thoughts on selling access to maps?

Hey there - I’m new to glide but having a great time playing with the app right now. I’m looking to sell my a map of my favorite spots in Paris and elsewhere. I’m wondering if anyone could suggest the best way to accomplish this within Glide? I don’t need a full tutorial, just hoping to get sent in the right direction for this.

The end ideal scenario is that a user could buy maps a la carte for the city they are traveling to or live in. Thoughts on approach? I have a Stripe account already and am currently on the Pro App plan. I’m a bit worried about what I’m seeing with potential cost of users on the Private Pro plan because this would not be a subscription, it would be a one time fee.

Anyways, appreciate any help in thinking this through.



The Private Pro plan is meant for distributing your app to a limited number of users: a company, a club, an association, a team, etc. If you want to make your app available to anyone (the “public”), then I feel you are better off sticking to the (Public) Pro Plan.

I would agree with Nathan as a genuine living Parisian :wink:

Thanks for the response. How would I do a payment wall in this case? That’s why I was interested in the Private Pro Plan, limiting it to specific email addresses that have paid for access.

Maybe the best option would be to sell access to each map individually within the app?

A better way to put this might be, in-app can I sell access to particular sheets using the buy button?

Create a membership app
by @Robert_Petitto

I hope this helps.

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