Thoughts on Amazon Honeycode?

No info about pricing…

I found it on their website:

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Thanks @ThinhDinh! This morning this pricing info was not on their website when I subscribed the beta free account :smile:

Well okay, only for internal apps. Out.


Its an appsheet simar type of technology :expressionless:

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Big market :wink:

Can anybody beat Glide? I doubt it. Glide is way ahead of everyone in the no code field.


I like glide best, but the best doesnt always win!

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Then we are to blame. We are not good developers.

Agreed, Glide is just great! But with go-to-market power some medium products can beat Tier 1s if they have the exact same positioning v/v their target segment.

Interesting to observe this nocode market suddenly booming, between the Fat3 (Apple & FB still not in the race?) and all the startups popping up each morning with a new nocode solution.
I love Glide and bet on it, my 2 main fears being dependency to GSheet (could they “cut” it to favor AppSheet?) and go-to-market to become one of the ‘standard’.

Glide has to leave Gsheet in some times. Look at Adalo : internal database, and external database thanks to their powerful API’s integration (you can even use Apps script :wink: ). Glide is better “structured” and offers a better support + better robustness and performances, except for gsheet dependency. A mix of both Glide and Adalo whole be a game changer, and even don’t be afraid, a serial killer! React before Amazon, Google, Facebook and other big ones do it for you :yum:

Internal apps are maybe a big market, but the big ones will quickly put their hands on and benefit of a better image. If they want to be t the first place, they’ll be. But apps that let any people like you and me express his creativity and propose amazing new services and solutions for our day-to-day life is a huge market. Look at what happened during the covid-19 crisis : who were the ones developing no-code apps to help people, restaurants and shops : you, me, us !


Well put! Glide needs to up the game so that we can make it more than just a success story. As you put it, a serial killer !

But, I would never get rid of Gsheet. I don’t want to set myself IMPOSED limitations, unless the editor allowed me to carry out all (not few) things that I’m now able to do with and on Gsheet. It’s not the Gsheet I care about; it’s the power over it that enjoy. This is coming from me, despite the fact that every Glide app I have ever delivered to date relied almost exclusively on the editor than on sheet formulae. At the same time, I don’t want to deprive others who know sheet formulae like the back of their hands access to Glide. Gsheet experts like Jeff and ThinH DinH are cases in point. Of course they both are experts on the Editor too. Take the Concepts ( Jeff) and Experiments (Robert) experiences. The first is
is authority on formulae to create apps, and the second on how to use the editor to create apps. Whatever maybe the advantages of one approach over the other, one thread runs through both experiences: Concepts needs Experiments and vice versa.

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Yes, indeed.
There is also an other dimension to be considered: B2B.
Non-geek people (part of the “no-code” market target) who work in companies are usually using the same tool at home than at the office (ex. MS office).
With several no-code players focusing on companies, this may become a Trojan Horse to ultimately reach B2C.

Nevertheless at this stage, from my basic understanding, B2B no-code players are quite complicated for a B2C; maybe an opportunity for Glide?
Companies could select 2 no-code solutions:

  • “advanced” for a part of their employees with more IT general knowledge
  • “easy to buy-into” for the largest part of the employees which may have ideas to turn into reality >> the segment for Glide…
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I am no developer, that is where Glide’s potential is :wink:

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Well I think I have another saying here the start of the no-code application was bombed by several players and the first of them all was Appsheet And they offer a lot of complexity configuration that can be done to the app which can fit any need for any internal business apps needs, The only downside of the technology is the loading of the app itself and the synchronization time which is something that Glide made sure to overcome it I actually build On both technologies app sheet and glide and I really really enjoy glide builder more and more and the reason behind it because of the relations and the way that you can look up for formulas and even designing the interface of the app it’s self you feel the freedom to put buttons and actions and design freedom as well and the layout Specially with the detail section.
Honeycode is a new technology is just considered as the alternative off apps sheet however we cannot judge right now until we can see reviews and communities to action about the technology.

From my point of you glide can make a really game change in this market we are adding extra sources of data bases such as firebase MySQL or any external data bases and if they’re smart they can really rely on the Bigquery from Google because there is a lot of integrations happening nowadays on Google Sheets.

There is actually another thing that Glide can also enhance which is connecting with multiple Google Sheets that can increase the capacity of data that the Google Sheets can store.

I never thought that Google sheet is a kind of limitation that much yes it has limits but the pro side of using it the powerful integration the Google Sheets APIs and also usability in data control and even enhancing your data we are adding more formulas that can help you reach more data in a filtered way or even some kind of a raise to reach a certain target so I think relying on Google Sheets which really gave Glide The position they have today which is very powerful for any end-user to create an app and less than a couple of hours.

I’m coming from a background of Android development And also deep expertise in system administration and red hat operating systems and building a no code app platform such enjoyable such as glide really made a huge difference on how we’re presenting our data to our clients even building for our clients as well the.

PS I’ve been building on Appsheet for more than 5 years

Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to share more than 14 years expertise in the coding career.