Google buys Appsheet

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Is that good or bad for glide

Google backing a competitor. It can be both good or bad for glide depending on the route appsheet decides to go

Well, it likely means Google won’t buy Glide :wink:
Appsheet is really B2B, really into optimising processes. That can change of course, but I think the market is big and there remain huge opportunities for Glide.
If only building on Google Sheets is good for the future, I don’t think so, but I’m sure the Glide teams knows that as well!


Having tried to use AppSheet this week… it’s a very painful and arduous experience. Whereas I had an app in less than a day on Glide, several days and I still don’t have a usable on AppSheet. And then I tried another app… again, after several hours made little progress with AppSheet. After 15 mins with Glide I was already feeling close to something usable.

AppSheet tho has an extraordinary feature set, so is miles ahead of Glide in that regard.

But Glide is already an excellent choice and as more features come, it’s user-friendliness will get it more and more noticed and popular.

It’s actually a lot easy to add features than revamp an existing product to make it user-friendly.

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True, I tried it and after a day of playing about I gave up

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I didnt have that experience. More options make things more complex, that’s true though.

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