This Team has reached its row limit

I am trying to create an app to be used by our unit (eventually subscribe to Maker plan) but it says "This team has reached its row limit.
My table has only 485 rows (I thought limit is up to 25k rows). Also my update is only about 286.

I am having doubts already of pushing for this platform. As much as I see its potential in our operations, this might be a problem for me

It sounds like you might be on a Legacy Free plan that had a limit of 500 rows. You can read about the legacy plan pricing here - Legacy Pricing | Glide

The new free plan will go up to 25k rows, but it has different features, like only being able to use Glide tables. You can read more about current pricing and plan limits here - Glide Pricing | No Code App Builder for Teams & Businesses


We have a 30-day Business trial which gives you access to all features. I recommend evaluating that, and not the free version.

Hello, thank you for answering. I do not see the “Maker Plan” in the link you provided. Does this mean that it is removed?

Oh, by reading the link fully, good that there is still the “Maker Plan”… Just want to make it clear, this plan allows 25k rows?

Yes, the Maker plan has a 25k row limit.