There is a bug with the default search when used with the new table component

I have just created 2 new table components

1st is based on a query and the search works fine.
2nd is based on a table and the search returns 0 results…!!

the query is just a query of the same table used in the 2nd component

has anyone realized this?

@abdo - Sorry, I’m having trouble following what you’re describing here.

Can you share more details about the app setup?

Maybe a couple screenshots or a screen recording of what you’re seeing?

Looks to me that he has two new table components, the 1st one uses a query column as its source, and it’s working fine. The 2nd one just points to a table, but then the search doesn’t work.

Nevertheless, a video would help.

I’ve messaged a video link. Problem seems to happen when. you change a collection from list to a table.

@abdo - Thanks!

Shared it with the team. They’re working on it.

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I cannot express enough to you and the team… how amazing the new table & data grid components are !

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Glad you like them! We’re big fans of the new components, too. :smiley: