The value in the cell is not displayed when adding a new record

Hello! For correct calculations in the application, you need to know the current exchange rate. I tried using the function “Google Finance(“USDEUR”;“price”; A2:A)”, however, the problem is that when adding a new entry to the table, this formula is not executed. That is, instead of the exchange rate, there is an empty cell. How can I make this formula work correctly? Or maybe there are some other possibilities with which I can find out the exchange rate I need?
I will be very grateful for your help!

My suggestion would be to subscribe to an Exchange Rate API service (there are plenty of them out there), and then make an API call directly from the App whenever you need to. This would give you instant results, which you will never get if you’re using Google Sheet formulas.

I would like to do this using tables, since a business subscription is needed to use the Call APU, for me it is quite expensive. Do you have any thoughts?

Maybe you can try fetching the API using a JavaScript column. That is available on all plans.