The options drop down list is gone

I have created my app and want to add a user manually to test functionality. But they do not appear at all. I thought this was due to my “required fields” and visibility. When I went to turn off the required info all the check boxes were missing and the options dropdown tab is gone from all text fields. Did I hit a hotkey? Where can I access the options dropdown menu for text input components?

Edit: Reply with screenshot shows what I am looking for that appears on my buttons, but does not appear on my text component. It used to appear, they are marked as required, but I can not uncheck the box.

Did you copy those components from a native form to a custom form (normal detail screen)? I don’t see a native submit button at the top right. If that’s the case, then the “required” text is residual from the components you copied from a native form. There is no concept of required or not required when you are outside of a native form, because you are updating a live row in real time. In that case there is no functionality to check if fields are filled or not filled and ai assume you don’t have a submit button, so there is nothing you can cancel out of.

Your problem is that you probably don’t have a row for that new user, so the screen is not attached to any row, meaning the components aren’t attached to anything, and there is no row to update.


I did copy/paste! I dragged the tab down to the icon in the locked section after I made that page and it wouldn’t let me drag it back. Unfortunately that made for extra “clicks” to get to the screen I wanted to update. So after I copy pasted this information, to a new tab this is what happened.

I went and manually entered the information for the “new user” and it allowed them to appear, so apparently my requirements are too strict as they can’t see anything until after they fill out the required fields.

Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated!!

It appears this is my problem, but I still can not get a required box even on a brand new tab in a details field for a text entry component. Is this by design or a glitch? Should I just delete this page and remake it?

Right. The required label for a text entry component is only displayed in a form, edit or Add screen. The hack is to add the required text entry component in one of those screens, cut it, then visit the details screen and paste.

Right, but the required text doesn’t mean it’s still a required field after it was moved out of a form.

@Come_Try_Larp I’m not sure I follow what you did or what you are going for, but long story short, you copied those components out of a form into a detail screen, which retained the “required” text…but in a detail screen, there is no such thing as required or not required, so you won’t have the checkbox to enable or disable it. The only exception is a choice component to make the blank option show or not, but outside of a form, there still isn’t anything forcing a user to make a selection because you are not in a form.

If your intention is to use a form and require entry in the fields, then you need to use a native form (Add, Edit, Form). If your intention is to use a Detail screen, and update a row in real time as they type, then you don’t have to worry about a true required field as it doesn’t exist. You are updating data as you type. But, you also need a row to exist for a detail screen to work correctly.

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