The chat functionality is still available for the new Glide apps?

Hi, I know the chat functionality was available for the old Glide Apps , does anyone know if it’s also available for the new Apps ?


Hi @Ovi,
You can use the Comments Component in Collections

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thanks for the tip … do you know if there is a video on how to use that component ? I don’t really understand where it pulls the data from, for profile images, dates etc.

you have a tuto here from @MatthewS. Thanks to him


Are comments included as part of row count?

good question :slight_smile: I also would like to know that

I believe if you add a comment with the new comments component then that row will count against your row quota.

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@Eric_Penn In this case , if you create a community that’s active, you will reach the quota very soon

It’s added directly as a row you can see in your db, so it counts. In Classic Apps, you don’t see that data unless you do some workarounds, hence it wasn’t counted.

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Yes of course. I think we are saying the same thing.

I hear ya. If you have a successful community Glide has a plan to support you :wink:

Yeah, just wanna provide more context :smile:

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@Eric_Penn can you please give more insight on this plan in order to know if I take into consideration comments or not


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