The ability to buy templates

It’s great that this site has the ability to view templates; try them and then buy them.

It would be even better if it actually worked!

I have been trying to buy a template for nearly 3 months now and still ‘no go’.

Can someone add this as a feature please?


If you share the template and author, they may be able to get it to you.

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This is the one I am after. Have tried stalking the author on google and facebook - but no cigar.


So here is the best I could find out.

ISB Connect has an Instagram account if you want to try reaching out that way.

In addition to the app listed in their Instagram profile, I found another one. In both cases, both apps had reached their storage limits, so I was unable to get more information, but I’m relatively confident that they are somehow associated with the Indian School of Business.

I couldn’t really find any more information. I do know that Glide has been made aware of several issues with Templates, so hopefully they are at least doing something to address that. Unfortunately I don’t have any additional information though.


Thanks Jeff - I’ll reach out via the Instagram page.

Just so I understand - why is the template facility not working on the website? I can’t imagine what type of technical issue would cause to be down for weeks and weeks.

Am I missing something?

I would have thought people buying templates drives uptake of people buying licences to Glide - and therefore in their best interests to fix it ASAP.


I have no idea why it’s not working. There have been expert complaints too.