That time you impressed God

My life is complete… :slight_smile:


@Simon_Hill well done :+1:

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Truly deserved.

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Just wow, @Simon_Hill :exploding_head:

Haste makes waste but apparently is not a word.


I share your frustration. Officially: Nearly 2,500 words were chosen by Wardle’s partner, Palak Shah, to be included as correct words for the game. However, there are more than 10,000 possible words that players can guess. That said, we have 2600 words in our WORDL version. Actually 2601 after your input :wink:


Should this R have a yellow or gray indicator?

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I noticed this too when I played it — if the letter is repeated, but already true in the correct spot, it shows up as yellow… which makes it seem like the correct word has two of that letter. I don’t know if this is how the actual game works, but it doesn’t seem correct to me.

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Indeed the scoring logic is different from classic Mastermind. The lazy answer is that once you know that it doesn’t take multiples into account then it’s fine. But I admit the better approach would be to upgrade the logic to account for them. I have some homework to do I guess. Appreciate the feedback, very valid…


AMAZING. Love it.

Ok I fixed the logic for guesses with duplicate letters. Here is an example:

Notice how guess 2 ‘SEATS’ has 2xS. Only the correct S is scored, the other is left grey.

Notice how ‘TEENS’ has 2xE. Only the correct E is scored, the other is left grey.

The logic gets quite long when you start taking all this into account!


That’s great.
I would like to suggest something to you: it is to create a player against a player, with the same draw. Then give points to whoever finds the first, preferably with 3 rounds.
The best would of course be to do something more “sustainable” with 5 rounds and each round players have 3, 4, 5, 6 then 7 letters per word.

Do you know wordzee?

I take it all back. God doesn’t support B2C.

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